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Non-Rated Research

California Equity Research provides its analytical research reports on a Non-Rated basis to companies seeking objective, unbiased analytical research. Our Non-Rated research reports remove the bias of supporting a particular rating in order to focus entirely on the merits of a company's business and potential of its growth catalysts such as new technology, products, and services in a Wall Street caliber research report. 

Our analyst team approaches Non-Rated research reports in the same manner as our proprietary Rated research. We work diligently alongside management to understand a company's business and growth prospects to objectively construct our financial thesis, models, and assessment. Our research is based on a thorough knowledge of the business, competitive landscape, and the unique growth attributes of each company. 

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Samples of Non-Rated initiation reports can be accessed by clicking on the report images below

Research Engagements

California Equity Research provides research analysis to investment firms, broker/dealers, and corporations on a per project basis. Our analysts have engaged in numerous research assignments to augment the research capabilities of Wall Street firms as well as to assist companies in identifying and assessing M&A prospects, competitive environments, valuation analysis, and special services such as fairness opinions. Our analysis is provided on a fee basis in consideration of the respective assignment.

Assisting Companies

California Equity Research has worked directly with a number of companies over the years to assist in institutional investor engagement and outreach services. Our extensive Wall Street experience enables our team to provide companies with a focused, tactical institutional engagement plan. We assist companies in establishing outreach materials, creation of strategic plans, and assistance with institutional positioning. In unique circumstances, have worked directly with companies in an in-house capacity. 

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