California Equity Research, LLC

California Equity Research, LLC was founded in 2007 by two former Wall Street equity analysts to fill a growing void in small and micro cap research. CERs team has more than 40 years combined of research experience. Our firm is unique in not only generating proprietary research ideas but also working directly with companies on a non-rated research basis to assist in their engagement with Wall Street and the investing public.

Additionally, the analytical team at CER produces white label research on behalf of investment firms and engages in specialized research projects to analyze competitors, merger & acquisition opportunities and address the unique requirements of companies. CER analysts have assisted companies in providing institutional strategic planning, outreach, road shows, and in unique cases taken interim positions at companies to assist in the execution of a targeted Wall Street strategy. 

Equity Research

CER produces proprietary analytical research reports for its clients covering sectors such as healthcare, technology, and general industries. Our research reports are widely disseminated and CER revenue and earnings estimates can be accessed on Thomson First Call, Factset, Bloomberg, and other reporting agencies.

Equity Research (Non-Rated)

CER provides its analytical research reports on a Non-Rated basis to companies seeking an objective, unbiased assessment for investors. Our Non-Rated research focuses entirely on a company's business prospects and potential of its technology, products, and services in a Wall Street caliber report. 

Research (White Label)

CER provides research on a white label to investment banking firms looking to outsource research and analytics. Research is produced according to the specific needs and requirements of subject firms.

Research Analysis

Our analysts have engaged in numerous research projects to assist companies in identifying and assessing M&A prospects, provide fairness opinions, provide institutional advice, and a host of other per project assignments. 

Assisting Companies

CER has worked directly with a number of companies to assist in institutional investor outreach services. Our extensive Wall Street experience enables our team to provide companies with invaluable institutional engagement strategies. 

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